The Divine Heart of God the Father

The Divine Heart of God the Father

The Divine Heart of God the Father

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The Apostolate of the Divine Heart presents the new Devotion to the Divine Heart of God the Father, with the Consecration (Seal) Prayer to the Father. The Almighty Father’s Divine Heart cannot resist expressing Infinite Love toward His children on earth. Moreover, the Divine Heart encompasses the hearts of all His children: the hearts of those who know Him, those who know Him insufficiently and those who do not yet know Him. Through this site and devotion, it is hoped that the Eternal Father's Divine Heart Encompassing All Hearts will become desired, intimately known, loved and adored, so that the intimacy, centrality and Presence the Father profoundly desires to establish in all His children may occur, in fulfillment of the Lord's prayer to the Father "Thy Kingdom come."
What is the Divine Will? Response to a question

That every single human person on the face of this earth returns to live, out of their own free will, in the bosom, the Divine Heart of God the Father.Filed under: God the Father, Questions, The Divine Will Tagged: God the Father, Questions, The Divine Will

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