Blog Submission Guidelines

Blog Submission Guidelines

Submitting to our blog directory is very easy. But before you submit a blog site, please make sure to read the following guidelines for submission. reserves the right to deny any submission request that does not act in accordance with these guidelines.


  • The person submitting the blog site should either be the owner of that website or blog site or any authorized person who represent that website or blog site and all related information provided.
  • We will only accept established blogs. Submitted blogs should be at least three months active and has been updated regularly.
  • A blog site may only be submitted once. Verify that your site is not already listed in the directory.
  • Do not submit any blog site that redirects to another website.
  • Do not submit a site that contains nothing more than links to other websites. Sites that has little to no meaningful contents.
  • Do not submit sites that contains largely of affiliate links.
  • We do not accept any website that solicits, recommends or encourages illegal activity.
  • We do not accept adult oriented or pornography related sites.
  • Please do not submit blog sites that are “under construction” and are not currently functional.
  • Non-functional blog sites don't provide our visitors with a useful and good experience.
  • Non-English websites should be submitted under the appropriate Regional category.
  • Submitted blog sites will be denied for any, but not limited to, the following reasons:
  • Title that does not match the content of the blog site. We strongly recommend including your official blog title or blog name as the title.
  • Description that does not match the content of the blog site. The description should explain the special features, functions and information that your site has to offer. Avoid including the title within the description as it has already been listed within the title. Stuffing keywords is not permitted.
  • In keywords: Please provide the most common keywords used for your site.
  • Contained numerous grammatical or spelling errors. Please perform a spell check your submission.
  • Improper directory assignment. Please choose the most appropriate category which is closely related to your blog site. If the category that you’re looking and feel it is not included yet, please send us your suggestions.
  • Violation of any of the submission guidelines


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To maintain the quality of the blog directory, reserves the right to deny and/or remove website submissions at any time for any reason.

Making mistakes in your submission will not automatically indicate that your site will be rejected, but it may take longer for it to be approved as we need to make corrections before we can approve it.

There are many reasons that your blog submission may have been rejected. But keep in mind, you can always resubmit.

Please Note: Submission guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.

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