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Just a Joe wanting to be happy, trying to figure out how, stumbling of course along the way, having occasionally something to say, hoping to maintain a balance between work & play!
Pray for Next Week

One thing you shouldn’t do is cancel your appointment with your dentist, and yet that’s exactly what I did. Thursday night, I invited the coolest gals and guys in town to regale my dancing queen, Danilo. 

Please, however, don’t be deceived. We may dress and act like an aloof bunch, but if you listen carefully, you’ll agree w/ our views on various issues. Be it America’s Donald Trump, England’s Nigel Farage, Australia’s Tony Abbott, France’s Marine Le Pen, or Canada’s Justin Bieber!

As for me personally, I will certainly not cancel the appointment for next Thursday. My dentist is lovely and she doesn’t hunt.  

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