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Just a Joe wanting to be happy, trying to figure out how, stumbling of course along the way, having occasionally something to say, hoping to maintain a balance between work & play!
Checking In!

Went for a bistro dinner near work the other evening. I’d sustained such a craving for salmon. (It’s possible that I’m eating for two but that’s hardly the point.) The point is, however, that after a well-meaning waitress saw that I couldn’t afford anything beyond a main, she offered that I do a “check-in” to hype up the place and she’d issue me a complimentary cake in return. Touched, I produced my top-notch touchscreen and asked her to show me how. Oh, I wish I also knew how to capture the look on her face at that moment! Like everyone else’s, my slick gadget should be able to do so with its built-in camera, shouldn’t it? #SamsungGalaxyS25Edge #iPhone25 #QuintessentialMe ;-)


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