What is a Blog?

What is a BlogWhat is a Blog? Blog is a very popular word that you probably encounter online very often. You can see it in almost all websites that you visit, even social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have their own blog. The term blog is actually an abbreviation for web log or weblog. A blog usually refers to a website or is part of a website containing valuable information or contents which are updated from time to time, hence is similar to logs on the web. Incidentally, the word blog also brought these new terminologies – blogging, which refers to the act of writing, creating or maintaining a blog, and bloggers, which refers to people who are blogging.

Usually, a blog includes information or details about certain topics or niche, and a couple of sites cover general topics. Almost all websites today contains a blog, or more often than not these websites are blogs themselves. In general, blogs may relate to extensive range of subjects which may contain various types of content including but not limited to news and current events, commentary, opinions, services and product reviews, promotions, how-to instructions, may contain photos only (a.k.a photo blog), or video only (a.k.a video blog) and other type of media.

Technically, a blog is similar to an online journal which contain series of articles or posts, commonly known as the blog posts, which are typically arranged in chronological order, wherein the latest posts is displayed at the top portion on series of blog posts. If you’re reading this right now, then you’ve seen a practical example of a blog – BlogsDB’s blog.

As you can see how it was created, it has a title, the author’s name, the date it was published (which is optional), and the written article or post itself, like this article that you’re reading now. All blogs may also contain photos, videos, audio or other types of media files to deliver the idea and info from the author.

One valuable feature of most blogs today is the comment area. The comment area gives visitors and readers the opportunity to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas with regards to the blog post or comments on the blog post. Unlike the websites during the 90s, the comment area of a blog made websites more interactive, giving the blog site’s visitors a chance to make conversations with the author and other blog readers. That’s the reason why a blog is also an effective platform to connect with new people. A blog can become a wonderful way to express yourself and your views about a particular fact or issue and may even help you connect with many people who you might share the same passion or interest.

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Blogs can be created by any individual who would like to share various types of content over the Internet. Many people might still wonder if blogging is just an online activity like social networking or does it have any actual benefits too? Yes, blogging has benefits in numerous fields, from cooking to technology to physics. A blog can deliver immeasurable amount of info from various bloggers who shares their knowledge and expertise on various niche from around the world. Check out our blog directory to see various topics which covers diverse collection of blogs. And if you’re planning to start blogging today, then check out our article How to Start a Blog Site.


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