Ways to Set Up a Successful Negotiation

A negotiation helps you obtain what you need as long as you can convince your opponents that you’re right. People negotiate every single day, since there are always new things that they want to take from other persons. Your negotiation skills are the ones that can bring you the things you need, so you have to do your best and improve them. Ergo, if you are interested in becoming a successful negotiator, you should definitely take a look at the following tips that can help you do it.


Prepare yourself in advance

If you want to succeed, you must be aware of the things that you want to obtain, of the things the other party wishes to have, and of the issues that have to be negotiated. Therefore, you have to begin by examining your situation and establishing goals. Besides, you need to identify your skills and make the most of them if you want to close the deal.

In order to enhance your negotiation skills and to plan an efficient strategy, you must get to know your opponent. A background research is a good idea, since it can reveal things that will help you understand his position, as well as his way of thinking and doing things. And since distinct individuals have distinct characters, you need to adjust your negotiation technique so that it can ensure a trouble-free negotiation process.

Perform a market research

Performing a market research will help you become familiar with all essential details related to your field and business, as well as to the one of your counterpart. Note that inappropriate market research might have as a result useless business decisions and outcomes, so you need to enhance your knowledge in order not to accept a deal that doesn’t feature any benefits for you and your company. You can use the Internet, books and all sorts of journals when performing the research. However, the important thing is to gather as much data as possible, because this will make you feel confident and powerful when taking part in a negotiation.


Establish pertinent goals

If you want to obtain something important, you must establish relevant goals. When it comes to negotiations, you have to know exactly what you need so that you can ask for it. The entire negotiation process is based on your goals and on the ones of your opponent. Plus, if you have clear goals, you will know how much you can compromise and when you have to stop. So, apart from establishing goals, you also need to establish your limits. And once you establish them, make sure you don’t cross them because otherwise, you will end up accepting a deal that doesn’t match your interests and necessities.

Sleep well before the negotiation

You might not believe this, but a good night’s sleep will help you negotiate more efficiently. Why? Well, because when you are rested, you are able to focus on the subject and listen to the others cautiously so that you don’t miss any details. Plus, you will be mentally alert and capable to reply to all questions promptly. In other words, you will function more efficiently, and this means that you will have better chances to achieve what you want.

Choose your seat wisely

Always keep in mind that seating arrangements play an essential role during a negotiation, so make sure your position is a strategic one. The way you negotiate and communicate is highly influenced by your place at the negotiation table. Hence, if you have to consult with certain individuals during the meeting, you need to sit close to them in order not to interrupt the negotiation. As far as your counterpart is concerned, you should sit opposite him. And don’t forget to consider all the key areas that you need access to when choosing your seat.


Begin your speech by stating the main purpose of the meeting

If everyone is ready, you can begin the negotiation. The first thing you have to do is to mention the purpose of the meeting and the most important aspects that will be discussed. This way, all participants will focus on the major problems and irrelevant issues won’t be mentioned. Additionally, you need to make sure that both sides agree upon the problems specified and that you can start talking about the first issue.

Communicate your concerns, wishes and necessities properly

Great communication skills are a must when it comes to successful negotiations. Therefore, negotiators have to be able to express their concerns, ideas and thoughts clearly. And note that the words you utilize, your gestures, and the tone of your voice must deliver the same message so that the others can see you as a sincere and believable person.


Author Bio: The article is written by Davis Miller, an experienced writer and blogger. He is also in the team of editors of a site providing workshops in negotiation. You can log on to thegappartnership.com to know how they enable us to build capability and build negotiation strategies.

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