Useful SEO Tips for Your Images and Image-Based Website

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to identify that an image-based website is not good from SEO perspective; in fact, only flash websites are a step ahead of image-based websites in terms of ‘SEO unfriendliness’. The reason is that Google and other search engines can see text with ease, which is why they don’t really like image-based websites. However, the problem is that an image advert will always have less room for text, which is the reason why it is important to rethink your SEO strategies, so you don’t lose your rankings only because you have images on your website.

Although there are many different things that need your attention, the following tips will go a long way in turning your website into something that search engines like.

Always Be Ready to Try Different Editing Tools

In order to make your images look good from search engine’s perspective, you will have to do some editing. For this, you need to go for the most powerful editing software installed on an updated PC. However, if you believe your images don’t need serious editing, you can rely on simple online tools that will help you to perform different actions, like changing the resolution of your image, changing its size and changing the file format. So, take your time and pick the best editing tools for your images.

Learn to Maintain a Balance between File Size and Usability

The problem with images is that they will be clearer if the size is on the larger side. Now, the thing is that lower resolution/size is better for SEO, but it may not be good for your visitors. In order to reap maximum benefits, you need to maintain a balance between the size of your image and its clarity. You have to ask questions to find that delicate balance. See if it is important to have a larger image on your website or you have the margin to trim it down a bit.

Use the Most Suitable File Type

Some file types will always create larger files. For instance, if you compare a BMP and a JPEG file of the same size, then BMP is going to use more bytes and will have a larger file size. The quality of JPEG will be less than the BMP image; however, not many users are going to notice this difference.

Similarly, it is a good idea to go for GIF files, which may not be of the highest resolutions but they have a small file size, especially compared to other file formats. They may also be the best option for those interested in creating graphics and animations. However, you may have to rely on JPEG images if you need to show some photographs – these images will have little distortion.

Make Use of an Image Sitemap

Just like your website sitemap, you can also create an image sitemap. It will be the same as the website sitemap, but it will point to all the images on your website. This way, you will make it easier for search engines to find information about your images – this helps immensely to index your images. Moreover, you should try to create relevant keywords when creating links – it’s a good idea to use your keyword from the image’s title and ALT tag.

Be Sure to Add Text to the ALT Tag

The ALT tag plays a big role in informing the viewer what the image is going to be. Sometimes, your image won’t load, and that’s when the ALT tag will appear. Here, you can add a short description of your image – don’t forget to add a couple of keywords into the tag for better results. It is so because the search engine will also make use of the same info to index your image. Avoid stuffing keywords in your description, and make it readable for humans.

Naming Your Image Files

When giving a name to your image files, be sure to go for a rather descriptive name – it should be able to describe your image on its own. If the name you choose is descriptive enough, it will also become easier for search engines to index your image easily and effectively.

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