Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most out of Facebook Spy

Technology is at just about everyone’s fingertips. Quite literally, with the help of the smartphone revolution, individuals ranging from children to the elderly can make use of finger print analysis, location tracking apps and many other sophisticated software that were otherwise unavailable. In the midst of all this sophistication however, at the heart of the widespread use of technology lies social media. Just about everyone who has technology within their grasp uses social media whether they use anything else or not. And of course there is no blaming them; social media sites like Facebook have become cultural phenomenon.  Facebook users are officially supposed to be thirteen years of age, though now with technology dominating everyday life, children as young as four have been known to have user accounts on the social media giant. This means that not only is everyone on Facebook, a lot happens on it too. Facebook has become a hub for socialization. While this is a sign of progress, this is also a difficult scenario if one wish to tap into user information shared on someone’s Facebook. In other words, if you have an itch and need to get into your girlfriend or son’s Facebook, then the privacy and personalized settings may pose a problem. But in cases like these you can always make use of Facebook spy software. But simply purchasing and installing Facebook spy may not solve all your problems.

Here are some tips and tricks with which you can make the most out of modern spyware.

1. Compare and Contrast Options. This simply means that do not buy the first spyware labeled ‘Facebook spy’ that you come across. There are a number of options one can use but that does not mean that they all necessarily have the same features. Your needs may require a keylogger function as well or one that archives Facebook chat data which some software may not provide. Similarly, if your needs can be covered simply by screenshot capture than you need not look for advanced surveillance programs. Compare all available options then make the choice.

2. Opt for Trial Periods. If even after researching you are unsure, then instead of straightaway purchasing expensive spyware, opt for trial versions of programs first. Many Facebook spy software allow users to take a one month test run and then purchase the program. Try this out and see if the program is meeting your requirements before taking the plunge.

3. Install on both PC and Smartphone. If you really want to get the best out of Facebook spy, use it everywhere. Simply installing it on the PC or a user smartphone won’t be able to give you the entire gist of what happens during Facebook conversations or activity. Hence it might be a good idea to get a Facebook spy app as well as computer monitoring software for this purpose. Some comprehensive programs may have mobile apps as well as computer monitoring and hence can be obtained all in one bundle. Avail such options to get all rounded coverage of Facebook activity.

About the Author: Jessica is a writer for MobiStealth and actively blogs about issues surrounding Facebook and Twitter.

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