Social Media Management in the Event of a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are no laughing matter. They all capable of putting everything into a halt; nothing is immune to a natural disaster, which is why people prepare ahead of time in the event that disaster strikes. Businesses will have to prepare as well. They will have to think up of ways on how they can share to their customers the company’s overall status, as well as projected slow-downs due to a natural disaster or any sudden incident. This article will focus on how business can still act and deliver news online in the event of a disaster.

Internet Access Contingency Plans

SEO is LinksWhile news can travel fast through the Internet, there’s no guarantee that you could connect to the Internet before, during and after a natural disaster strikes. This makes it imperative that the businesses should get together and think up emergency plans for gaining Internet access. In this event, cellular phones can achieve a connection to some extent, though only after a natural disaster has struck. However, this may not be a really effective method if you are planning on send numerous messages through the cell phone. In this case, having an air card through a wireless carrier available for a laptop could be more effective. In this case, you should have an understanding of Internet hot spots  and where they are located. As the usual response to a disaster would be to flee to safety, having a general emergency plan for situations like this can really help the company out.

Responsibility of communication

As businesses vary in size, it is not surprising to have a group of people focus on social media. However, if a natural disaster were to strike, it would be best to only have a few people take care of communication through the Internet. This is because leadership can be limited in the event of a disaster; there would be too much confusion if there were several people trying to communicate with their followers.

Also keep in mind that operating a business is no trivial matter; sloppy posting of updates can give a bad vibe to the company’s followers, which can deal quite an impact to the company. To avoid this, the best method would be to simply assign one person to send updates, especially if he or she is tied to key decision makers.

Which kinds of information to modify

Social media services have options that allow you to schedule automatic posts. While this is a good method to use during business, natural disasters are unpredictable, and can ruin what you have scheduled. This can be, at best, quite embarrassing to the company if this were to happen to them. To avoid this kind of problem, it would be best to modify the scheduled time frames of your automatic posts as soon as you receive a warning about the incoming natural disaster. It would also be a good idea to modify your posts as soon as you gain online access after a disaster.

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