Playing Minecraft – a Webmaster’s Break

As I take a break in doing web development, web design and doing every tiring jobs of SEO, I loved to read tech news from the electronics industry. Aside from reading, I found myself playing games on my tablet, a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. This crazily-addicting game is called Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Anyway?

In recent years, it was the time and season for time-killing games such as Angry Birds, and lately the Temple Run games. Today, Minecraft (sounds like Starcraft and Warcraft) is the latest addicting game which is basically played by breaking and placing blocks in a virtual world. In the game, you first build structures, baricades and protection against your attacking enemies (nocturnal monsters). Since the basic building block of the world of Minecraft is a “block”, you can be as creative as you want and only your imagination is the limit. You can create a dream castle, an urbanized city or even as simple as a farm. Minecraft is available in varios platforms including Windows, Mac, Xbox360 Edition, Pocket edition for iOS and Android, and probably Blackberry in the future. Minecraft is very addicting, with several level of difficulties which makes it challenging for survival. Well, their are tips, tricks and cheats out there that can help you get your way into and out in playing Minecraft.

Free Cheats for Minecraft

As new updates are released for Minecraft, the world and challenges are getting tougher and more challenging. Luckily, there are helps that could be found on the internet, which includes cheats. Cheats for Minecraft are available for free to everyone. These cheats includes tips, tricks and tools for the challenges in each stage. Cheats for Minecraft’s website delivers tools, tips and tricks for surviving the challenges in the game. The site is relatively new, and as of the moment it has Minecraft Xray Cheat. The Xray cheat helps players to easily find ores that you can mine such as diamonds, emeralds, dungeons and other hidden objects in the world of Minecraft.

You can learn more cheats and tricks at Cheats for Minecraft. The game is so much addicting because of the flexibility and challenges while playing it. The millions download of both free and paid versions in the PC, Mac, Android and iOS testifies to how Minecraft became one of the hottest game today out there.

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