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Webmasters are optimizing websites to make it easily searched thru search engines, therefore gaining traffic thru search engines. This optimization is called search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization is divided into three major sections; these are keyword research, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. There are certain criteria that search engines are looking for websites to rank them well on the search engine results pages, and these are keywords that might be searched on search engine itself, crawlability of a website, and a website’s reputation which is based on the quality and quantity of links towards a website. All these are usually performed by webmasters. However, to cope up with the competition, doing everything alone will be an overwhelming work to do. Most of the time one or two of the three parts in performing SEO is outsourced to SEO company and service providers. As you might have observed, it is the off-page optimization which is commonly paid to contractors or SEO service providers. Off-page optimization basically includes promotion, advertising, link building, social media marketing, and the likes to gain exposure of your website on the World Wide Web. This time, we will focus on one key ingredient of SEO, link building. Link building is an easy yet complicated task to do for SEO. It is simple and easy to build inbound links by doing blog commenting, forum posting, directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, guest posting, etc. However, considering the quantity and quality that should be performed in building links, performing link building strategies and techniques such as link wheel, researching on PageRank of inbound links, and other considerations, link building becomes more sophisticated. That’s the reason why there are link building service providers such as Ninjas Link to do that task.

Link Building Service from Ninjas Link

Focus on your keyword research and content optimization, and then outsource your link building to Ninjas Link. Ninjas Link is a web service provider which is focused in building quality links for websites. The service that Ninjas Link offers link building which utilizes high PageRank (PR) blogs and websites which typically range from PR1 to PR6. Ninjas Link aims to provide high quality links to their clients. Here are two major ways that Ninja Links employ to build high quality and high PR links.

  1. Guest Posts – Ninjas Link will write articles together with your keywords and links which will then be submitted to partner websites on related niche having high PageRank.
  2. Buy Links – These links includes text link ads which will be placed on high quality and high PageRank websites. Another method is that links and keywords will be put on relevant blog posts and articles of partnered or contracted websites.

The process looks easy and simple, but writing content for guest blog posts, researching about websites with high authority on certain niche, finding trusted and honest partners, contacting and doing partnerships with webmasters are all time consuming and an overwhelming job to do; instead, research and focus on content optimization. Ninjas Link has the resources, partners and experience to deliver high quality inbound links to your website.

Link Building is Essential in SEO

Link building is actually a huge portion of SEO. Many SEO companies and service providers are offering this service. There are marketplaces and forums that host a place to exchange links, buy and sell links, and various link building services. Finding reliable and honest provider is the key to successful outsourcing of link building. Ninjas Link has worked and experienced on these link building process. Try Ninjas Link today and leave us your feedback and comments below.

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2 Responses to "Ninjas Link – Link Building Service for Your Website"

  1. Good article, and absolutely 100% right as far as the importance of link building is concerned it is imperative and without it you SEO is doomed to failure. I have no experience with Link Ninja, however with any link building service where you subcontract, you should only use recommended professionals, so do some research first and where possible ask if the service provider can put you in contact with some happy customers. If you use the wrong service provider as I did at one point, you could end up with a load of links that are not relevant and really struggle to remove. In the end I ended up scrapping the old site and starting afresh with new URL. There is some great advice here in the blog but do try and get recommendations before plunging in with link building services.

    • FrenDeeBee says:

      Thanks David. I’ve tried other link building services before and the links were gone after a few months. Manual link building technique is still the best way for SEO.

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