Making Websites and Multitasking Much Easier with Chatwing Chat Widget

ChatwingTrying to chat with multiple friends and colleagues on Facebook one at a time and managing a site can be a huge burden for site owners. That’s why, instead of chatting with them over there, they would employ the use of chatting tools to make their lives much easier. Here’s one tool that can do that and more. Chatwing chat widget is a live chat application that can be easily embedded into any site for free.

Install Chatwing on Your Website

Chatwing doesn’t need to be downloaded – the user only needs to copy and paste the code supplied into his site and after that, it is ready for use. The chat software has a lot of features to boot, including the use of social media to log into the chat room, to give the chatters much easier access. It can be customized thoroughly, to meet the user’s requirements and give it a more personalized feeling. It is even possible to embed music to spice up the chatroom.

Simple yet Flexible Controls and Customization

Chatwing also has its own set of Admin controls. The user can ban people with a simple mouse click and he can delete their messages too. He can also pass these controls onto the moderators, if he assigned any. Setting up word filters can also be done to prevent the usage of profanity. With these features, the user can easily make sure the chat app is well maintained and managed.


Get Started with Chatwing

Since it was launched last year, Chatwing has gotten better and better, providing only the best chatting experience to its users along the way. And it still has a lot of features for the users to use too

. And up until now, its developers are still improving the chat software so it can further answer the needs of its customers. So if you’re a site owner and you’re searching for a chatting tool to use, then give Chatwing a try – it will be totally worth your time. To get started visit Chatwing.com.

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