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You’re probably familiar about money making online from websites and other web services on the internet. Are you familiar with the how the stock market works, wherein you invest a certain amount of your hard-earned money to a company or corporation, and hoping that it will earn you back a soundly profit? Yes, profit or gains earned from your investment! That’s the basic scheme in real-world and conventional stock market in our respective country. How about the other version of existing stock market – a virtual stock market? Let me introduce the first virtual stock market that I have seen on the internet – RankTrader.

Introducing RankTrader Platform

RankTrader is the latest platform where websites are rated and quoted, and operating a marketplace where webmasters and investors trade virtual shares of a website. In real-world stock market, brokers trade stocks of companies and corporations registered in the stock market. At RankTrader, we are going to trade virtual shares of a registered website in the virtual stock market. In real-world, brokers are the ones who trade stocks and shares in the stock market. And at RankTrader, webmasters, traders, speculators and entrepreneurs may do the trading as long as they are registered at RankTrader. Of course, we don’t just invest our money on a company or a website; we also need to have information about that company or website. RankTrader also operates a marketplace and provides essential tools such as statistics, benchmarking, SEO, marketing and other tools that could help us assess and even improve a website where we can invest.

How RankTrader Works

Webmasters register and submit their websites information to RankTrader, and then interested investors may buy and sell virtual shares of your website. This way, like the conventional stock market, they earn from the investment. The registered websites are actually like the companies that investors invest and earn profit from.

As of this writing, there is no real money involved yet at RankTrader’s virtual stock market. The marketplace is trading virtual shares which are planned to be converted to real money in the future. Then how to start without the real-world money involved? Right now, RankTrader is in beta phase, and is giving away 50 worth of credits or virtual shares to webmasters who joins RankTrader. Trading with real money at RankTrader will soon take place. You may check and join this overturning virtual stock market today at RankTrader.com.

Join RankdTrader Now!

If you are an adventurous and radical online entrepreneur, and want to boost your extra income online while having fun, then RankTrader is a website you have to join. Join the new generation of online entrepreneurs and webmasters with this new and revolutionizing scheme of earning online. Though RankTrader is not yet fully open to public, you can explore, learn and get familiar with the system by requesting an invitation. By the time it becomes available to everyone, you’re one of the early birds who is already familiar with the process. Start trading online, visit RankTrader today and get a free 50€ bonus! What are you waiting for? Join RankTrader Now!

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