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Visibility in search engines is one great factor to consider when you want to increase your website’s traffic significantly. A large percentage of internet users today use search engines to find data or information that they were looking online. That is why majority of websites are optimized to be easily found on search engines results pages (SERP). As always advised, you have to improve and analyze your website performance, and thus SEO comes in. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website, so that it can be easily indexed by search engine robots and ranked well in SERPs. There are lots of tools found on the web that can be a good help in your SEO efforts. This time we will introduce a free service which will analyze your website’s statistics and performance. This web analysis service is brought by WebTarantula. Remember the name because it sounds like a big spider, a Tarantula, which crawl websites in the World Wide Web.

Introducing WebTarantula web analysis

WebTarantula is a free website service that offers essential web analyses on submitted websites. To analyze a website, simply input your domain name on the topmost text box on their site, like the one shown in the screenshot below. Then click the “Analyze” button and the site will quickly display the result of various web analyses.

WebTarantula’s web analyses included all necessary features and statistics to improve and optimize your website. The categories in the web analysis include the following.

  • Visitors Analysis
    This analysis comprises Visitors Trends, Weekly Traffic Trend, Demographics, Visitors Country and percentage of visitors from each country of traffic source.
  • Income and Worth Analysis
    The estimated price of your website, monthly and daily revenues. A widget code is also available for copy paste to your website and show its estimated worth.
  • Content Analysis
    This analysis includes the length of your website’s domain, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, text-to-code ratio (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript to text content ratio), image tag <img> analysis, number of external and internal links, number of backlinks, inbound, or incoming links to your website, and together with social media status and reputation.
  • Keywords Analysis
    The analysis shows the on-page keyword analysis which comprises the frequency and percentage of top keywords on your home page.
  • Network Analysis
    Displays the list of sites on the same IP and Class C block network with your website.
  • SEO Rank
    Shows the estimated SEO rank based from the information collected from the web analyses.
  • Usability
    Tells the quantified performance that affects visitors experience on the website which takes in the load time in seconds and page size in Kilobytes.
  • Change log
    List the changes in traffic sources which considers the countries where your site gets the most traffic, changes in keyword density, dropped keywords, change in number of internal links and the likes.

As we have discussed in our previous post, SEO has three main sections – keyword analysis, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. All these three can be analyzed by Webtarantula web analysis tool. The site doesn’t just offer web analyses; it also offers Webtarantula advice, an advice given in each analysis to improve your website. All these web analyses and features are free to use on any website on the internet.

Analyze your website

You can improve your website by analyzing its structure, relevant and essential factors that affect the overall performance. With the web analysis data displayed, you’ll have enough information to improve your website. In fact, we found few factors to improve on BlogsDB based on the web analysis result from WebTarantula. Have you checked you site? If not yet, visit Webtarantula now, analyze your website and get started with your site’s optimization.

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