HostGator Services Review

Founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, the company has transformed from a mere tiny outfit inside a dorm room into a world leader for dedication, VPS, shared and reseller web hosting around the globe. The company operates well over 12,000 servers with as much as 1 % of the entire global Internet traffic going through the company; an astounding feat!

Over 400,000 customers are in constant dealing with The company, HostGator and look up to it as their host for many of their individual websites, online business enterprises and even servers many Fortune 500 companies as well as various famed individuals from over 200 different countries around the globe. HostGator is distinguished from other similar companies in the industry in its ability to create individual and customizable hosting options to suit the need of each individual or corporation as per their tastes, desires and preferences.

The company has won many awards in late years and was hailed by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private enterprises in the country. This rapid growth came along with a huge benefit for the company’s customers, with the move to new headquarters in 2007, expansion of their facilities and upgrading of all hardware and software relating to web hosting.

HostGator Services Support

When it comes to support, nobody does it better than HostGator does. The company features over 90 % of satisfied customers out of a survey which included over 400,000 of their customers, indicating that this company is incredibly faithful and dedicated to continuous customer satisfaction.

This is accomplished via the creation of around the clock operational customer support teams which provide technical assistance for the clients should they ever request it and are available through a variety of means which include online live chat, telephones and e-mails among others.

The support for the customers of HostGator isn’t simply limited to support personnel either, the company’s website features various helpful tutorials, TOS pages, and many other helpful user guides which are directed at aiding the customers in solving the most commonly reported problems or issues without the need to actually get in contact with the personnel; it’s your very own quick fix!

The company highlights its strict hiring process; through which applicants are thoroughly screened and tested to ensure that the customers receive the most experienced, professional, knowledgeable and courteous of customer service personnel to respond to their problems and questions should the need ever arise.

HostGator Services Reliability

The reliability of hostgator is measured in their statistics, and my oh my are there plenty of those to go around! Statistics published by the company as well as other publications show that the company has had the fastest growth rate among all private businesses in the past decade in the United States, having grown from a small and seemingly insignificant tiny project into a fully fledged mega corporation which hosts over 5 million domains, caters to 400,000 customers and endures just over 1 % of total global Internet traffic.

Their reliability is also found in their hardware, HostGator only uses the most advanced technology and machinery to host servers, ensuring that service is never interrupted, no disconnections are experienced and that the internal monitoring mechanisms are always capable of detecting any problems before they escalate into full blown concerns of any kind.

HostGator Services Disadvantages

The disadvantages at HostGator are somewhat of an oxymoron, the company gives little ground for its customers to be upset over. The company provides excellent service with plenty of strong partnerships with many major corporations which allow for the users to reap the benefits of such affiliations; thus strengthening and boosting their own online experience as well as securing maximal satisfaction. The one major flaw WAS the fact that the company may have been overloading itself prior to the big move in 2007 but that is something of the past now, as the move into new headquarters has brought about better equipment, more personnel and better services; thus rendering HostGator the very best of the best.

HostGator Services Features

  • Shopping cart add-ons.
  • Up to 2,000 GB of transfer GB per month.
  • Functional with PC, Max and Linux OS.
  • Up to 90 day money-back guarantee.
  • Shared SSL. Over 30 self-installing scripts.
  • Spam filters.
  • Image galleries.
  • Up to 200,000 MB of disk space storage for the max plan, 150,000 for the Basic plan and 100,000 for the Starter plan.
  • Simple, revolutionary and easy-to-use control panel.
  • PHP-Nuke.
  • E-mail accounts.
  • Domain Privacy.
  • Domain registration.
  • MySQL Databases.
  • FTP account.
  • WordPress.
  • Shockwave flash player supported.
  • Video and audio streaming.
  • Website builder tools of varying complexity.
  • With plenty more features to go!

HostGator Services Control Panel

The control panel which is offered by HostGator is a revolutionary tool which has been praised, even by the company’s competitors for its intuitive design, amazing numerous features, easy-to-use and user-friendly interface and much more.

The tool is the main panel through which the customers and users of the services of HostGator interact with their websites and domains, all of which can be controlled through one account with the use of one tool which has integrated several processes and functions within one tool to create one wonder of a tool which is limited only by its users imagination.

The tool is the main interface used for the creation of web pages, their enhancement, subsequent operation and management as well as a variety of other functions which include e-mail configuration, database management, data assimilation and much more. The tool is basically the means by which one can transform their website from mere codes and boring shades to an oasis which draws in numerous visitors via its appeal and simplicity.

The tool used by HostGator is an award winning one, having received much acclaim and rave reviews by customers and IT critics in late years and is often thought to be the most revolutionary software tool currently in existence; certainly a prestigious honor!

HostGator Services Guarantees

HostGator , provides plenty of guarantees for its customers to ensure them that they are in the right hands, after all, no one wants to dive in blind and uninsured!

Their number one strength is the reported satisfaction statistics taken from their own customers, which reflect the majority of their customers being more than satisfied with their services. This is an important guarantee as it ensures prospective customers that hundred of thousand other users are happy with the service they’re receiving from HostGator.

One more vital guarantee is their money-back guarantee which offers refunds for up to 90 days time from the start of subscription and are meant to reassure new customers of their capability of fully satisfying their customers. Not many companies are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Other guarantees include the various affiliations and partnerships with huge corporations which lend their name to HostGator as well as various integrated services for the customers which they can use for their benefit.

Would I be doing myself, my business and my clients a favor by transferring off to HostGator Services?

You most definitely would, no other corporation will take better care of you and your business, providing you with the best solutions, most innovative and helpful support teams, revolutionary technology and much more in a way that will propel you and your business forward into the future.

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