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This decade, marks the social networks bubble and eventually, these social networks enhanced the way we use the Internet. The web became more interactive, making each one of us to be hooked on the web with more hours each day. Just think of how these social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are integrated on your mobile devices. Social network is now everywhere! Using these networks as channels for your business, you’ll have a huge number of potential leads to your business. This fact applies to offline, online businesses and websites. In addition, it was predicted by SEO experts that search engines will not just base its search ranking thru keywords and link popularity only anymore, but it will also include social media signals (such as likes and follows) to websites. This is the reason why social media followers are now being sold online. But hey! There are free ways to get free followers, as in you’ll get free Twitter followers, and earn quick Facebook fans or even Google Plus followers. There’s several ways to get free followers, and one of them is to join SocialSmash, one of rapidly growing social media exchange websites on the web today.

SocialSmash currently focused the social exchange of free follows, likes, views and even traffic as shown on the following list.

  • Twitter Follows
  • Google Plus
  • Facebook Likes
  • YouTube Views
  • Website Traffic
  • Digg Followers

How to Get Free Twitter Followers

Here the basic steps to get free Twitter followers and free followers on other social networks. First, prepare your list of social networks accounts that you already joined.

1. You need to register and activate an account.

2. Login to your account after activation.

3. On your Home, you can see a list of social network were you can exchange for Twitter follows, Facebook likes, Google Plus, YouTube views, website traffic and Digg followers.

Note: If you have a coupon code (which you may find posted on forums) you may redeem it here. We earned 1000 coins using a coupon code we found at a popular forum (see our screenshot below). These coins will actually be used to get followers, likes or views.

SocialSmash Home

4. Now, to get free followers, click on the “Spend Them” button, and see a page where you will add your social network site and details such as your Google Plus, YouTube or Facebook Page. Enter your social network account or fan page URL then select the amount of “coins” you are willing to give for each follow or like your page receives. Don’t forget to save the changes.
The coins that will be deducted from your available coins will be given to those who follows you thru SocialSmash.

5. You may be asking, what if my coins was used up and became zero coins. You probably figured it out on item four above. Just  follow, like or view other member’s social network accounts and you’ll earn certain amount of coin for each follow.

6. Simple isn’t it? Just follow and earn coins. Then use that coin to reward your new followers, and this is how you get followers for free!

Buy More Coins

If your redeemed coins from coupon code aren’t enough, then buy more coins! SocialSmash gives you an option to buy more coins for exchanging followers and views.

Concluding Words

Social media exchange sites such as SocialSmash offers a way to get you free followers on popular social network and bookmarking sites. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and of course Google Plus should be considered a precious channel to earn potential leads and viewers for your websites. Social networks are great help on social media promotions and advertising.

Join SocialSmash now, and get free Twitter followers!


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  1. MikeyLane says:

    WOW! Awesome way to get quick twitter followers, I just joined and already got 35 new people following my account! Definatley worth the visit.

  2. Mr. krishna says:

    amazing ..this is great post ..I will also try…thanks for the post…:)

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