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Forums are types of websites or part of a website where people discuss and hold conversations in the form of posted messages, also known as forum posts. Certain niche or topics are discussed on certain forums with members usually share common interest with regards to that niche. Though there are lots of specific niche forums, there are also numerous general topic forums found on the web. Generally, these forum posts are questions, useful information regarding a topic, opinions from members, testimonials and any kind of information.  Forum postings are user-generated contents which are and will be available to other members and guest site visitors. Forums can accumulate up to millions of members and millions of forum postings. These forums are active forums which took time to reach a whooping number of members and posts. The most difficult part of developing a high trafficked forum is at the beginning. In this post I will share a web service that will help you kick start your forums, or bring more activities to your forum site.

ForumClerks – Forum Posts Exchange

Beginning a forum is the most challenging time for a forum owners because the number of members and posts both starts from nothing. Usually, attracting new members and encouraging them to post is not so easy task at the start because no one wants to join an empty forum. How do they get new members to post on the forums then? The first few members of a forum are actually friends, relatives, partners or employees of forum owners. These have limited numbers that is why many forum owners hire people to become a member and post new threads on their newly established forums. However, there are websites and web services that offer exchanging of posts to forums. One of them is ForumClerks. ForumClerks offers a service that automates the process which enables members to exchange forum postings for free, or with a certain amount of cash involved.

Free Forum Postings

You can earn new forum postings for free from their service. This is performed by exchanging forum posts with other members in exchange of points.

  • Member A registers a forum and starts with a certain number of points.
  • Then we have Member B who posts on registered forums.
  • Every time Member B posts on a registered forum (e.g. Member A’s forum), Member B will receive points which in turn are deducted to points of Member A.
  • Member B also have a registered forum. As Member B accumulates more points, he or she can use it to also earn new comments or posts on his registered forum.

Hence, exchanging of forum postings are performed through exchanging of points which was earned from posting on other members forums. It’s that simple and easy to get free forum postings to your forums.

Paid Forum Postings

It’s simple to earn cash from posting on forums. As I cited above, when you post on other member’s forum, you’ll earn more points. Well, those points can be converted to cash. You post on forums, earn points, then exchange for cash. I guess you’re familiar and already encountered this scheme before.

Final Words

ForumClerks offers one of the best services for exchanging forum posts. Blog owners are also welcome to join. The points earned in the said activity above may also be used to exchange for blog comments in blogs. Aside from forum postings, ForumClerks also serves as a blog commenting exchange. Their web service monitors the exchange of forum posts and blog comments between members. ForumClerks is a market place to attract new members to post on your forum, new readers to comment on your blogs and therefore increasing the activity and traffic of your website.

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