Difference between Static and Dynamic Website Design

When choosing what kind of website you are going to build, there are a few factors to consider. One of these is static versus dynamic. Static websites can only really be updated by someone with a knowledge of website development. Static websites are the cheapest to develop and host, and many smaller companies still use these to get a website presence while a dynamic one does change and allow data to constantly flow. That is not enough to base a decision on however.

Static Website Design:

A static website design has web pages with fixed content where each page displays the same information to every visitor. Static website pages contain fixed HTML code and the content of each page does not change unless manually updated by the designer or webmaster. One major one is that static sites are much better for SEO. Search engines cannot pick up on dynamic content very easily; since pages will often be different each time you go to them. It’s very hard for search engines to index pages of your site that are constantly changing, especially if the main content varies. Also, static sites are much easier to create since there is no dynamic programming involved.

Dynamic Website Design:

A dynamic website is different from a static website in many ways. The website pages are not pre-composed; they rely on more complicated programming in order to deliver a completely up to date webpage every time they are accessed. Because of this more complex format, the site will take longer to be operational and cost more to develop. Dynamic sites have become very common, and are certainly the best choice for many websites. A dynamic website requires a bit more ‘computing power’ than a simple static website, but it presents the opportunity to have the data as current as possible.

After understanding the difference, its time to consider which type of website will be feasible to your needs, like which is cheaper to build, easier to build or easier to update.

Before you create a website just make sure you think about this and decide which one you want it to be. Also keep in mind that a website can be a mix of both, for example a site with static pages but with a few dynamic applications or widgets on it. By ensuring that you are working with an experienced and capable website design company you can be sure that your website will combine the best advantages of static and dynamic construction and promote your company as effectively as possible.

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  1. Nathan Brook says:

    Hi, you share here really great and informative information about the difference between static and dynamic website. It is true that static website created by using HTML and we cannot make any changes in it. Dynamic website created by using PHP and other scripting language and we can make changes in it easily.

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