What Can be Expected of Cloud Computing in 2014 and Beyond

When the context of cloud computing comes into the foreground, everybody has a tendency to come up with quite a number of definitions. Some of them really come close to the real thing, some misses it by a far. Cloud is but a metaphor which stands for the internet itself. When ’Cloud’ is mixed with term ‘computing’, the whole term gives a new meaning.  Which brings forth to our first question - what is cloud computing?

People have a notion that cloud computing involves a virtual server which is not bound by any kind of firewalls. In layman terms anything beyond the firewall is from the cloud. But the Oxford dictionary defines cloud computing as the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than on a local server or a personal computer.

Cloud computing comes to the actual help when it is invested in a new infrastructure, training personnel or a new software to be licensed. Cloud computing is something which surpasses the capabilities of internet by manifold. In case of cloud computing the user have to avail to subscription base or pay per view service. Be it a full blown application or storage service or spam filtering, there is an entire gamut of tasks which can be performed under the umbrella term called the cloud computing.

There are certain jargons which are related to the concept of cloud computing which has to be kept in mind before proceeding on with the predictions for 2014.

a)      SAAS

Being the acronym for Software as a Service, this kind of cloud computing service helps in delivering a single application to millions of customer through a multi-tenant architecture. The costs are extremely low compared to conventional hosting and do not involve any kind of software licensing.

b)      Web services in the cloud

This tool helps the developer in a great way, not by delivering the bulk of the application and by enabling the developers to do their work on the cloud itself. In this case, the providers offer services which range from discrete business services to hi-end APIs.

c)       PAAS

The platform as a Service is a variation of SAAS. The main focus of this form of cloud computing is all about development environments which is provided by the service provider. Through the PASS the developers are able to build their own applications through the provider’s infrastructure and can be delivered to the users through the provider’s service. But the liberty of the developers becomes more constrained in this case. Google app engine can be taken as one of the examples for PAAS.

d)      Managed Service Providers

The managed service providers or MSPs are applications which have more exposure to IT rather than the end users. MSP is one of the oldest of the cloud computing services and are delivered by IT stalwarts such as Verizon and IBM. Virus scanning services as well as cloud based anti spam services fall into this category.

e)      Infrastructure As a Service or IAAS

IAAS or Infrastructure as a Service is essentially a provision model through which an organization is able to outsource equipments which is essentially used for support operations which includes everything and anything from storage, hardware, servers and networking components. Apart from SAAS and PAAS, IAAS is considered to be one of the most important elements of Cloud Computing.

There several advantages to cloud computing  but this post will not be discussing about those advantages. The post would be discussing the following – What exactly does the future hold for cloud computing?

The concept of cloud is still in the nascent stage and its true potentiality is yet to be revealed.  The following of this post would try to predict, what is stored for cloud computing in 2014.

6 changes likely to take in cloud computing scenarios

i)                    Cloud Technology Unleashed

The concept of IAAS is gaining more popularity with passing time. The popularity is giving governments and authorities around the world the ray of hope for more options and opportunities.  The better understanding with the system will not only improve performance in the authoritative level, it would also improve the mission and the operational structure.

ii)                  Cloud Computing and Custom Software

                            Platform as a Service has already made to the scenario of cloud computing. The developers at this point are working on a trend where custom developed application which would help developing this application. This option would be more affordable compared to that of the run –of –the- mill website design.

iii)                Outsourcing and PAAS

With Platform as a Service gaining popularity by the day, outsourcing companies would be taking its advantage. Major outsourcing companies at this point of time are exploring the requirement for the reduction of cost and increase of developmental margins.

iv)                Major changes in IT sector through Cloud computing

The health sector is an essential area which is highly dependent on Information Technology. A major amount of health related technology changes would be observed next year through cloud computing. Cloud Computing would not only help in providing health information but providing security as well.

v)                  More consoles connected to the cloud

There is a huge possibility that developers would be coming up with ways to connect different computer consoles with the cloud together on a remote scale. The cloud can be big enough not only to control the household devices but bigger locomotives such as cars and buses as well heavy industrial equipment such as cranes.

vi)                TV and the Cloud

                            2013 can be remembered as the year when Smart TV had made a mark in the consumer electronic trends. There is an immense possibility that there would be huge influences of cloud computing on Smart TVs. Smart TVS are definitely hooked to cloud based apps.

vii)              Gaming on Cloud  Apps

Gaming industry is another industry which is extensively going to be influenced by cloud computing. With the probability of cloud computing overtaking the market of optical discs, gaming console would be relying more on the cloud based network not only for the downloading of the games but for the safekeeping of the personal data as well. Not only would the acquiring of the game be quick, the gamer won’t have to purchase any memory stick.

viii)            The Reign Of Google As The Perfect Cloud Client

Google is in constant process of changing the way we use the internet. It can definitely be predicted that Google will become the ultimate tool for file sharing as well as other collaborative works. The cloud based apps will give way to remote access, liaison with the user & PCS and stable sharing as well on the spot.

Cloud Computing is turning out to be the next big thing after each passing day. These predictions might turn out to be true in the coming years.


About Sam Martin: I am a professional developer who deals with web solutions and I am attached to a premium developer based company called GetAProgrammer in Sydney, Australia. I have written several blog posts and article related to .Net Programmer, PHP programmer and Mobile Application Development.

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