Blog Commenting Sites List – Part 7

We’re now on part seven of our blog commenting sites list already. If you started from the beginning of this list, you should have 120 blog sites on your list by now. That’s a good number of list when you are starting a blog or web site. Leaving comments on blog sites, also known as blog commenting, will help your link building scheme especially if those blog sites have high web rankings (e.g. PageRank and Alexa Rank).

Copy the list below then include them to your list of blog commenting sites. This month’s blog commenting sites list are good for web sites that have just learned how to start a website. Leaving comments on blog sites that have PR of 1, 2 or 3 are good enough knowing that your new web site will have a PageRank of zero at the beginning. So, let’s get started! Leave a sensible comment on each blog, and don’t forget to include your URL for each comment that you leave on each blog site. This way, you’re doing better SEO and increasing your web site’s inbound links.

Blog URL Alexa Rank PageRank
1. http://www.ysfirdaus.com 749,162 2
2. http://www.tulsarealestatemall.com/blog/ 2,069,292 1
3. http://www.mygulfcoastbeachteam.com 1,789,961 1
4. http://healthylivinghelp.info/ 1,955,614 2
5. http://www.seoindiaconsultant.com 85,396 1
6. http://drymartini.wordpress.com 3,073,849 2
7. http://www.orangecopper.com/blog 78,297 2
8. http://www.dollarsblog.com 263,147 2
9. http://www.idowebmarketing.com 720,557 2
10. http://techie-pinoy.com 1,004,919 2
11. http://dotcommogul.net 1,774,858 2
12. http://www.bendhomesalesblog.com 1,477,216 1
13. http://nimbletheory.com 3,153,068 2
14. http://brandonrealestateblog.com 1,679,302 2
15. http://www.risk-free-trial-offer.com 3,742,758 1
16. http://heheli.com 1,037,407 2
17. http://www.curiousinkling.com/blog/ 1,835,203 2
18. http://realestateweblogging101.com 1,819,924 2
19. http://www.esoftload.info/ 64,508 3
20. http://www.myfirsthomeblog.com 1,055,864 2

Last updated: May 10, 2013

Disclaimer: This blog commenting sites list were manually checked by the author. Their rankings, Google PageRank and Alexa Rank are accurate at the time of this writing. Feel free to share and post the list above, but please add an attribution or link to our site.

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  1. neel says:

    Copy the list below then include them to your list of blog sites to comment on. This month’s list are good for web sites that have just learned how to start a website. thanks for blog committing.

  2. Thanks for blog commenting sites list.Its really helped me.Thanks for sharing this informative content with us.

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