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Just recently, two gay men wed in a historic same-sex marriage ceremony in London. After the much announced acceptance of same-sex relationships in the United States and parts of Europe, same-sex marriage and relationships is now openly accepted by many countries and cultures. Even on the internet, huge number of groups and couples are showing or announcing their relationships publicly. Though same sex relationships are already around since the old times, it just this decade that its acceptance is broadly accepted and publicized. A nice website or blog site for gay men’s culture is – Adam Male Blog.

Adam Male Blog is a gay culture blog that talks about fun, geeky, happy things associated with gay men’s culture. It is a blog that shows the modern culture of gay men from dating to sex and even sex tools for both men. The blog site also shows important and or casual events and activities for gay men and everyone. Aside from events, the blog site also writes about knowing ones self, tips and advices on choosing and staying in relationships with other guys.

To show you more overview about this blog site, below are a few of its popular blogs or articles to read.

  • 5 Important First Date Don’ts!
  • Bringing Up Condoms – 5 Helpful Ideas (From Hot Shirtless Hunks)
  • I’m In A Relationship..Is It Ok To Masturbate?
  • 3 Big Signs You Should Find A New Guy
  • Why Does My Boyfriend’s Penis Stink?!
  • The Pitfalls of Spicy Food and Oral Sex
  • Can You Really Break Your Penis?
  • Foot Massage Leads to Sizzling Sex
  • 3 Ways to Trick Your Bear Into Eating Better
  • 4 Fun Ways to Delay Orgasm
  • How to Make Valentine’s Day A Success
  • 4 Benefits of Staying Single

The titles of each post are already interesting and enticing, that is why we don’t have to expound each of these articles in our writing.  To learn and explore more this blog site, visit and join the fun at http://www.adammaleblog.com.

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